Moon to Mars

Artemis I: The Documentary

Through Artemis, NASA will once again land humans on the Moon. But before that can happen, we must first launch our Space Launch System (SLS) rocket—the most powerful rocket we’ve […]

The Changing Face of Mars

“The Changing Face of Mars” reveals, through archival footage and interviews with key scientists and engineers, JPL’s first roles in exploring the Red Planet, from Mariner 4 through the 1976 […]


Destination Moon

After the establishment of NASA in 1958, JPL’s first major assignment was to explore the Moon, taking close-up images before crash landing as part of a series of missions called […]


Mission to Mars

After the devastating loss of two back-to-back missions to Mars in 1999, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory found itself at a crossroads: Would the lab pull back, becoming more cautious and […]


Landing on Mars

“Landing on Mars” is the story of Opportunity and Spirit surviving a massive solar flare during cruise, the now well-known “six minutes of terror,” and what came close to being […]