SCIGIRLS: Super Sensors

SciGirls in Los Angeles reach for the stars! Inspired by high-tech NASA sensor technology, Rihighna and her friends design and code wildlife cameras to capture images of the animals in […]


Virginia SciGirls Emma, Lauren and Madison have the ultimate “stratus update!” Teaming up with NASA scientists, they identify clouds from the ground and compare their data with satellite images, ultimately […]

SCIGIRLS: Space Squad

¡Katya, Mariana, Angela y Eloyda son unas SciGirls estelares! Al juntar con ingenieras de materiales de NASA, crean cubiertos para sus botellas de agua, trayendo ciencia espacial a la vida […]

SCIGIRLS: Dakota Stars

Girls in Minnesota reach for the stars! Emily, Wicahpi, and Sienna learn how modern science connects to the star knowledge their Dakota ancestors passed down. The girls celebrate their cultural […]