Iconic NASA

Assignment: Shoot the Moon (1967)

This film summarizes the exploration of the Moon conducted through uncrewed Ranger, Surveyor, and Lunar Orbiter spacecraft and shows how such detailed data and photography contributed to the first crewed […]

Apollo 13: Home Safe

This 30-minute documentary features interviews with Apollo 13 astronauts Jim Lovell and Fred Haise, as well as Flight Directors Gene Kranz and Glynn Lunney, with engineer Hank Rotter. Produced and […]

Space for Women

This film contains interviews with women employed in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) space transportation program and shows the variety of positions held by women in the agency. […]

Seeds of Discovery (1970)

This film is an introduction to planetary exploration and scientific satellite research planned for the 1970s. The film briefly describes plans for Mariner flybys of Mars, Pioneer studies of Jupiter, […]

Moon: Old and New

This video presents the Moon as studied by humans for more than 20 centuries. It reviews the history of lunar studies before the first Moon landing, the major things learned […]

The Journeys of Apollo

The Journeys of Apollo is a previously produced documentary narrated by actor Peter Cullen that relives the 40th Apollo Anniversary and mission to explore Earth’s neighbor, the Moon.

Moon 101: The Apollo Program

This episode offers an overview of the Apollo program, its challenges, and lessons learned. “Moon 101” is a series that features interviews with Apollo-era rocket scientists and engineers telling their […]