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NASA’s Documentary Film: Hubble25

In its quarter-century in orbit, the Hubble Space Telescope has transformed the way we understand the universe, helped us find our place among the stars, and paved the way to incredible advancements in science and technology. The Hubble story is a human story. Hubble overcame much adversity early on in its mission and demonstrated the great heights NASA is capable of achieving against all odds. Much of that is thanks to the “Hubble Heroes,” including scientists, engineers, and the brave astronauts who flew five Space Shuttle missions to service Hubble.

Publish Date
Run Time 00:32:00
Topic Documentaries
Video Quality HD
Rating TV-G
Narrated By Brad Bird
Featuring Amber Straughn, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Barbara Mikulski, Mike Massimino, Michael Garcia, Ed Weiler, David Leckrone, Nancy Grace Roman, Christopher Scolese, Jennifer Wiseman, Charlie Bolden