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In this series, we dive into the legacy of Goddard’s lead role in developing laser altimetry, which has revolutionized the way we map our planet, the Moon and other planets. Each chapter looks at the successes and failures of these lidar instruments, beginning with the Mars Observer Laser Altimeter (MOLA) in the late 1980s, through the current generation of laser altimeters on ICESat-2 and GEDI. Through dozens of interviews and archival footage, the history, challenges and legacy of lidar are uncovered.

In this first episode, the scientists and engineers at Goddard Space Flight Center embark on a new technological and scientific journey, building and sending a laser altimeter to Mars with the MOLA-1 Instrument.

Publish Date
Run Time 00:08:34
Topic Technology
Series Leaders in LIDAR
Episode Episode 1
Video Quality HD
Rating TV-G
Featuring Bryan Blair, David E. Smith, James Abshire, McGarry, Jay Zwally, Ralph Dubayah, Xiaoli Sun, Jack L. Bufton, John F. Cavanaugh, Joseph-Paul A. Swinski