Image of HIAD, Hypersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator
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NASA EDGE completes its look into the latest Entry, Descent and Landing technologies being developed at NASA. Chris Giersch is back in studio with Steve Gaddis (Game Changing Development Program Manager) and Michelle Munk (EDL Principal Technologist) to talk more EDL concepts and technology. Blair and Franklin provide interviews with Paul Wercinski (ADEPT), Jay Felman (3D-MAT) and Mairead Stackpoole (HEEET) in this second part of two episodes focusing on EDL.

Publish Date
Run Time 00:23:31
Topic Aeronautics
Video Quality HD
Rating TV-G
Narrated By Chris Giersch, Franklin Fitzgerald, Blair Allen
Featuring Steve Gaddis, Michelle Munk, Paul Wercinski, Jay Felman, Mairead Stackpoole