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NASA’s Holiday Yule Log

Start your engines for the holiday with NASA’s yule log! This video features a year’s worth of RS-25 engines edited to a holiday music playlist.

NASA has begun the final round of certification testing ahead of production of an updated set of the engines for the SLS (Space Launch System) rocket.

For each Artemis mission, four RS-25 engines, along with a pair of solid rocket boosters, power the SLS rocket, producing more than 8.8 million pounds of thrust at liftoff. Following a “test like you fly” approach, all 12 tests in the new series are scheduled for at least 500 seconds, the same amount of time the engines must fire during an actual launch.
Through Artemis, NASA is returning humans, including the first woman and the first person of color, to the Moon to explore the lunar surface and prepare for flights to Mars. SLS is the only rocket capable of sending the agency’s Orion spacecraft, astronauts, and supplies to the Moon in a single mission.

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