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STEMonstrations: Space Art

For more than 50 years, art has helped capture and convey the excitement and wonder of human space exploration. But did you know that astronauts integrate artistic expression like music, painting, and photography into their own lives while on the International Space Station?

In the latest STEMonstration episode, NASA astronaut Nicole Mann explores how space exploration both inspires and affects art. Learn about the creative solutions astronauts employ to overcome the challenges of doing art in microgravity. Be inspired by a digital gallery of space-themed artwork created by astronauts on station and students on Earth. In the corresponding classroom connection, students can tap into their own creativity to create personal masterpieces based on astronaut observations of Earth.

Publish Date
Run Time 00:05:50
Topic Humans In Space
Series STEMonstrations
Episode Episode 26
Video Quality HD
Rating TV-G