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STS-108 Mission Highlights

In December 2001, the space shuttle Endeavour arrived at the International Space Station during the STS-108 mission. The primary goals for the four-member shuttle crew of astronauts Dominic L. Gorie, Mark E. Kelly, Linda M. Godwin, and Daniel M. Tani included bringing the Expedition 4 crew of Yuri I. Onufriyenko, representing Roscosmos, and NASA astronauts Carl E. Walz and Daniel W. Bursch to the space station and returning the Expedition 3 crew of NASA astronaut Frank L. Culbertson and Roscosmos‘ Vladimir N. Dezhurov and Mikhail V. Tyurin back to Earth. They also brought food, clothes, and science equipment to the space station and returned hardware and research samples back to Earth. Godwin and Tani completed one spacewalk to prepare the station for future assembly.

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