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The flight crew of the STS-76 mission, Cmdr. Kevin P. Chilton, Pilot Richard A. Searfoss, and Mission Specialists Shannon W. Lucid, Linda M. Godwin, Michael R. Clifford, and Ronald M. Sega, present a video mission over-view of their space flight. Images include: pre-launch activities such as eating the traditional breakfast, crew suit-up, and the ride out to the launch pad. Also, included are various panoramic views of the shuttle on the pad. The crew can be seen being readied in the white room’ for their mission. After the closing of the hatch and arm retraction, launch activities are shown including countdown, engine ignition, launch, and the separation of the Solid Rocket Boosters. Once in orbit, various view of the Mir Space Station can be seen as the shuttle begins its approach and docking. There several views of Godwin and Clifford as they spent six hours spacewalking in Atlantis’s cargo bay and on the exterior of the Mir’s docking module. The mission ending re-entry and landing can also be seen.

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